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Smart City Parking Management and Routing  System

Akıllı Şehir Otopark Yönetim ve Yönlendirme Sistemi 

Akıllı şehirler için  geliştirilmiş, çağdaş ve modern bir şehrin otoparklarının tek merkezden yönetimini sağlayan, bireyleri yapay zeka destekli mobil uygulama ile en yakın ve müsait otoparka yönlendiren, rezervasyon imkanı sağlayan, çeşitli abonelik ve kampanya imkanları sunan, insansız otopark hizmeti veren bir yazılım sistemdir.   

● İnsansız otopark yönetimi

● Gelir yönetimi
● Rezervasyon
● En yakın otoparkları bulma ve rotalama
● 7/24 online ve offline hizmet
● Mobil ödeme / kredi kartı ve şehir kartı ile ödeme
● Abonelik alternatifleri
● Dinamik fiyatlandırma

Akıllı Otopark Yönetim Platformu

Professional Management Platform

Manage your parking lots from a single screen with instant data. Make better decisions by remotely monitoring parking lots, payments, devices and personnel in parking lots.

● Map-based and easy-to-use visual interface
● Reservation and VIP etc. professional functions
● Monitoring the occupancy rates of the car parks
● Reduced labor cost
● High management efficiency
● Rich parking log with data, images and videos
● Detection of potential new parking areas with needs analysis

Subscription System

Access the parking and payment data of individual and corporate/fleet vehicles instantly and easily manage the subscription process.

● Debt inquiry and web payment defined on the plate
● Viewing campaigns
● Prepayment with balance top up
● Access to all parking details defined on the license plate
● Seeing all parking lots on the map
● Accessing past payment details

Abonelik Sistemi
Otopark Mobil Yönlendirme Sistemi

Mobile Application

Choose your car park closest to your location, according to occupancy and price, and we will take you.

● Listing nearby parking lots
● Access to all registered parking lots on the map
● Artificial intelligence supported parking occupancy status  seeing
● Accessing dynamic parking pricing information
● Making a reservation
● Getting directions to the parking lot with navigation support
● See all your past movements defined on the plate
● Debt inquiry defined on the plate
● One-click payment through the application


Alternative Payment Methods

Depending on 3 types of payment scenarios: entry, middle and exit;

● Payment and prepayment with subscription system
● Payment with city cards
● Payment with loyalty cards
● Payment with campaign cards
● Payment by credit cards
● Cash payment

Alternatif Ödeme Yöntemleri
Otopark Güvenliği


We guarantee the security of all your private data and parking lots within the scope of the personal data protection law.

● 24/7 online and offline service
● 100% secure data transfer
● Continuous security with license plate recognition system
● By comparing the number of vehicle entries and exits with the total payments  prevent possible losses

With its wide integration capability, we support the adaptation of all kinds of parking lots to smart cities.


● Financial integration service
● Hospital management system
● Individual services
● Parkomats (Ticketmatik, Yuyummatik)
● Smart city integration
● Enterprise management system (ERP)
● Various payment systems
● Handheld terminals
● Automatic filling spending machine (ODHM)
● Roadside and indoor parking  sensors
● Parking lot full-empty detection system
● Push-to-Talk system and call center software
● License plate recognition system
● Compatibility with current ÖKC and cameras
● Person-based shift work management

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