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License Plate Recognition System

License Plate Recognition System (SmartPTS), artificial intelligence supported, developed using image processing and deep learning technologies, with a high level of success, domestic and national  license plate recognition system. With SmartPTS, it is aimed to reduce human-based errors while saving on the employment of security personnel. 

  • High License Plate Recognition Rate and Archiving

  • Reading Square, Rectangle and Official Plates

  • Reducing Costs

  • Vehicle, Brand and Color Recognition

  • Platform Independent Operation

  • Easy setup

  • Cloud and Local Operation


Scope of application

It is aimed to create a safe city with the system that can work in the cloud and locally. There are wide areas of activity that are suitable for smart cities and can be integrated into the whole of cities.

  • City entrances and exits  and border gates

  • Shopping centers, bus stations and terminals

  • Airports and highway checkpoints

  • Hotels and universities

  • Factories and industrial facilities

  • All kinds of parking



By transferring the data of the vehicles whose license plates are read, to the system, daily, weekly and monthly analysis reports are generated quickly with the filtering infrastructure for verified license plates.

  • Vehicle plate information

  • Entry-exit time of vehicles

  • vehicle model

  • vehicle images

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