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Corporate Digitalization and Decision Support System


The Decision Support System is a system that enables the digitalization of business processes of institutions and organizations and the definition and display of subject/area-based performances with data and the recommendation of optimum alternative solutions.  Many up-to-date engineering processes are applied to allocate limited resources effectively and efficiently to meet future needs. 

  • Digitization of Business Processes

  • Data Driven Organizational Planning

  • Genuine Model Creation

  • Needs Analysis

  • Effective Use of Data Sources

  • Avoiding Waste of Resources

  • Quick Access to Accurate Information

  • Result Oriented Systems



It is the process of transferring information and existing data to digital media in a way that can be processed by a computer.

● Business Process Optimization

● Digitized Data Entry

● Digitized Decision Processes

Creating the Data Warehouse 

Data from different sources in a single center  It is an infrastructure that provides summary report infrastructure to decision makers by combining

● Receiving Data (Web Service, Rest Api)

● Cleaning of Data (ETL Processes)

● Summarizing Data


Data mining

To show the performances of institutions and organizations with data and  It provides an infrastructure that shows its projections for the future.

● Machine Learning Processes

● Deep Learning Processes

● Advanced Analytics Processes

● Future Forecasting


In order to make strategic decisions, up-to-date and purposeful visual reports are presented to each decision maker. 

● Business Intelligence Reports

● Dashboard

● Tables

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