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Public Transportation Service Quality Management System 

Public transport  Quality Evaluation System (TUDES), public transportation services such as taxis, minibuses, minibuses, buses, shuttles, etc. The education, Covid-19 history , work, punishment, violation and registration information of the vehicle drivers are kept, the violations and traffic fines determined by UKOME are reflected in the quality registration scores, the hygiene practices in public transportation vehicles are entered into the system by authorized personnel and hygiene audits are carried out by independent auditors,  It is an information system where each driver and vehicle owner follows their own registration information from the mobile application.


●Hygiene control in public transport vehicles

●Public transport drivers Covid-19 control

●To minimize the risk of epidemics in public transportation

● To increase the quality of public transport service
● Standardizing public transport services
● Providing a safe environment in public transportation
● Provide auditable public transport service
● Encourage compliance with the rules
● Creating a driver registration system 


Central Management System 

Municipalities and all companies providing transportation services have information about the quality of their services and can make easier decisions with visualized analysis pages.

● Creating a violation sanction schedule/quality score
● See the most violated articles
● See the number of drivers whose carrier license is suspended
● Examining the service quality score details of registered drivers
● Conducting surveys to drivers and transporters
● See requests, complaints and suggestions
● See the working status of registered drivers

User System

Drivers and transporters included in the system can access their own information, thus creating an interactive structure.

● Access vehicle and penalty information
● See work history
● See training postings
● Access to owned documents and service quality score
● Transporters/Vehicle owners, job seekers drivers  can see and contact with their scores
● See details of sanctions applied
● Reporting requests, suggestions and complaints
● See news and announcements
● Participating in the organized survey

Driver and Transporter Carnets

Drivers and transporters are classified according to their service quality scores. With this scoring system, it is aimed to create a professional career and increase the motivation of the drivers.

● Service quality according to the violations of each driver  score is reevaluated
● Drivers who need training are determined
● Drivers who should not continue their profession and  carriers are determined
● The value of a qualified driver increases
● It is promoted by choosing the driver of the month and driver of the year

Certification and Audit Process

It is aimed to increase the number of drivers who are aware of their professional awareness in terms of social, economic and environmental aspects and are sensitive to the environment.

● Reporting violations by supervisors
● Quick driver information query with QR codes
● Creating service quality score details for drivers
● Checking the criminal history of drivers and carriers
● Questioning the vehicles the drivers are working on
● Drivers' training information and possessions  accessing documents
● Creating a driver pool

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