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Overtime Management System


It is a system that automatically calculates the working hours of the personnel from the door movements with the workplace entrance card, sends automatic reports to both the personnel and their managers, and allows passage through the doors according to their authorizations, in workplaces such as technoparks where personnel need to work physically or in workplaces that apply flexible working.

  • Door Access Authorization

  • Automatic Calculation of Working Hours

  • Automatic Overtime Report Email Sending

  • Person Based Door Pass Detail Report

  • Automatic Calculation of Overtime Payrolls

  • Automatic Calculation of Meal Slip Progress Payment

  • Personnel Seeing Their Own Overtime Shortage

  • Excuse Entry and Admin Approval

  • Report Entry and Admin Approval

  • Foreign Mission Entry and Manager Approval

Management Platform

It is a system where rules can be created for corporate culture, personnel are defined, working time rules are determined, providing automatic control for personnel, automatic reporting for management, saving labor and protecting company efficiency.

  • Creating Corporate Working Rules

  • Day Based Firm Overtime Dashboard

  • Person Based Work Status Dashboard

  • Door Access Authorization Management

  • Door Access Log Reports

  • Offense Approval-Excuse Approval

  • Leave Management and Mail Reports Management

  • Progress Management


User Platform

Personnel can instantly access their own overtime reports. The personnel can see their daily, weekly or monthly working status, annual leaves, reports and out-of-office work, and can enter their external duty, leave, report information to be submitted for approval.

  • Auto Control During Working Time

  • Practical Homework, Excuse Entry

  • Automatic Mail Receiving in Working Time Deviations

  • Annual Leave Entry and Tracking

  • Overtime and Meal Progress Monitoring

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