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Distance Education Systems


A 24/7 access environment is provided for formal or distance education, independent of time and place. Also; Curriculum creation, course definition, assigning teachers and students, adding rich content, taking exams and assessment and evaluation capabilities are offered.

  • Interactive Video Player

  • Increasing Education Efficiency and Quality

  • Eliminating Exam Confusion

  • Rapid Measurement and Evaluation

  • Independence from Time and Space

  • Dictionary and Library Creation

  • Announcement and News Release

  • Multi-Language Support

Course and Content Management

Course content can be created as video, document, presentation or audio file. Also, courses can be divided into subcategories.

  • Course Creation and Update

  • Subdividing Lessons

  • Upload Lessons as Video, Document, Presentation or Audio

  • Dictionary and Library Creation

  • Creating Individual or Group Based Curriculum


Exam Management

Individual or group-based exams can be made with the exams they create from various question types according to the level of difficulty.

  • Creating an Exam Schedule

  • Creating a Miscellaneous Question

  • Creating a Question Pool

  • Classification of Questions by Difficulty Level

  • Assigning a Question to a Random Person or Group

quantification and consideration

Individual or group-based exam and lesson detailed reports can be accessed. Success grades of individuals can be ranked according to the determined criteria and grade weights. 

  • Course Success Rates

  • Individual or Group Based Exam Success Rates

  • Class Participation Rates

  • Training Completion Periods

  • Training Attendance Dates


Interactive Distance Education

Interactive lessons are offered to the participants with videos and animations added to the lessons.

  • Managing 3D Animations Interactively

  • Adding Videos to Lessons

  • Adding External Audio Files in Multiple Languages

  • Adding Effects

  • Note Taking During Class

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