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Automatic Damage Detection System


SmartAutoScan is a measurement and analysis system used to automatically detect structural damage such as pits, protrusions, bends, slits or holes that may occur on the surfaces of vehicles. The processing time in manual damage assessments is very long and dependent on the person. With the system we have developed, the damage is detected quickly and accurately, thus saving time.

  • Detection of potholes, curvatures and holes on the vehicle surface

  • Easy to understand visual reporting

  • Behavior analysis of vehicle users

  • Time saving with fast damage localization

  • Precise comparative analysis

  • Applicable to all vehicle types

  • Damage plate matching with license plate recognition system


SmartAutoScan Damage Detection

It is a software system that performs automatic damage detection by comparing the original 3D image of the vehicle with the last scan data and comparing physical data such as scratches, collapses, damage. A report is given to the relevant managers via the system via e-mail or sms.


SmartAutoScan Reporting

Thanks to its clear and understandable reporting, you can make all analyzes quickly and  The damage information of the vehicles is recorded together with the plates through the license plate recognition system.

  • A damage status report is created with the data obtained from the tunnel system.

  • The coordinates of the damage are shown

  • The type of damage is determined

  • Detects the day the damage occurred with date limitation

  • Behavior analysis of the driver is done by plate matching

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