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Mobile Augmented Reality

With mobile augmented reality without the need for an additional device, visitors are offered the opportunity to learn by living. 

Indoor Navigation

By using beacon technology, navigation service is offered to visitors in closed areas at locations they have determined.

Multi-Language Support

The content language of the application is automatically updated according to the language of the phone. In addition, the language setting can be updated manually. 

Heat Map

The most visited places and the routes followed during the visit are presented with the heat map.

Web Library

Articles and e-books suitable for themes and topics are offered.

Activity/Activity Calendar

Current and upcoming events can be followed on the calendar and notifications can be received about these events.

Creating a Trip List

A trip plan can be created before the trip, and navigation service is provided with beacon support in the indoor area.


Notifications containing information about the event, product or stand around them are sent to visitors based on location.

Our products

Smart Fair and Museum Application


It is a guide platform that offers smart solutions with mobile, kiosk, tablet, website to museum and fair managements and participants. An interactive structure is created with the participants by using beacon technology. 

  • Mobile Augmented Reality

  • Indoor Navigation

  • Creating a Visit Route

  • Unique Visual Themes

  • Location Based Notifications

  • Creating a Trip List

  • Fair and Museum Map

  • Multi-Language Support

  • Visitor Analytics

  • QR Code Reading


Mobile Application

Access information about the Museum and the Fair in one place, plan and prioritize the events you want to attend, and experience a customized fair with Augmented Reality.

  • Mobile Augmented Reality

  • Creating a Fair Visit Route

  • Quick Access to Information with QR Code Reading

  • Tracking Events Simultaneously

  • Creating a 'Favorite List' for Events and Products

  • Social Media Integrations

  • Receiving Location-Based Notifications 

Mobile Augmented Reality

The mobile application has the ability to display Augmented Reality (AR) animations. There are 12 AR animations available in the Mobile Application. A special marker is designed for each AR, which is used as a reference point. Visitors can watch AR animations with their mobile phones.

The mobile application also offers users the opportunity to take photos or videos during AR animations and share them on social media.


Kiosk Application

You can see all the events in the Museum and Fair and get directions to your next visit point.

  • Reviewing Event Details

  • Multi-Language Support

  • Seeing the Space Floor Map

  • Getting Directions Between Locations

  • Seeing the Determined Areas on the Map

Content and Venue Management System

All directions in the Museum and Fairground from a single screen,  You can manage event plans, content and distinguish areas where your customers show great interest with a heat map.

  • Managing Contents of Mobile and Kiosk Applications

  • Notification to Visitors

  • Monitoring the Density of Visitors with a Heat Map

  • Accessing Visitor Statistics

  • Identifying Events and Products of Interest

  • Seeing Current Event Numbers

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