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The objectives of its application;

  • Providing online education without using books or notebooks

  • Making learning easier with videos and 3D animations

  • With the possibility to create an unlimited number of quizzes  strengthen the level of knowledge

  • To provide the user with the opportunity to test himself with the questions selected from the question pool.

  • To enable the user to create a training schedule and follow the trainings comfortably

  • Keeping the structure up to date according to changes in the system

Our products

Driving License Academy

Driver's License Academy Application, besides keeping the records required by the legislation of the driving courses and transferring them to MEBSİS, automatically makes the training planning of the vehicle, driver and student, and ensures that the driving courses are  It ensures the management of internal business processes (pre-accounting, etc.). At the same time, it allows students to instantly access all kinds of information about driver training with the distance education system, and to do exam exercises with the questions provided by the question bank.

Driving License Academy Distance Education

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